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to thank governor brown, for nominating me and confirming me as your poet laurit, and i would like to thank the arts council for doing the same and the university california river side and the department of transportation, and thank you so much. and i also wanted to introduce you to our youth poet of oakland, davis who is 70 years old and right there standing up. he is our new lauriet for oakland. >> thank you so much, my wife is right there, and who is my great inspiration and hadari who works so much for oakland and the arts. the bridge poem bay bridge inauguration poem, san francisco oakland bay bridge, september 2, 2013. for all bridge dreamers, bridge builders and bridge crossers. self-sustaining, and a light unto itself. the dark that lifts us and it sings us as we pass bay bridge, i see you now, your new design risen, above star waters, a new galaxy appears. a new trillion may we live in your safety and in your carriage, and in your heart. my all of your hours and all of your lights embrace us once again. and may we crawl across your shoulders as bird, fish, singers and may we be the
the cleveland browns, right? >> it's not nearly as easy as it seems. we have the latest on what's ,,, >>> the browns, mark is here with the sports report. >> if you learn anything about the nfl, never assume outcomes. that's for sure. for several years the cleveland browns have been a bad football team and the ravens get the play them twice a year. more times than not, the ravens beat them. baltimore has beaten the browns 11 straight times. earlier this sea on the browns came to town and had the ravens down 6-0 at the half before a close win. most of the games have been closely contested and the ravens expect the same this sunday. >> every time we play them, it's a tough game. cxsgsufitis a physical game. they've run the ball on us. they play great defense against us over the years. their pass rushers are legitimate pass rushers. >> we didn't score a point until the second half. we had to play a tough game to pull one out. it's always a really good game. >> linebacker mcclain is hoping for a good game. he gets the starting nod on sunday. he continues his impressive comeback from
not tired failure. on this labor day thank you to all of the great leaders. mayor brown and mayor quan and mayor lee and all those who pictures are symbolized throughout this hello. those who worked so hard to make this historic day come to past. now my pleasure to introduce the senator (clapping) >> yes 24 years since is earthquake. it's about time everybody isn't it? it's also while we're doing touch stones 8 years since the bay area delegation came together in a time of financial hardship when there was a question of the bridge maybe just being a ramp to the i'd like. and put together the program that led to every state owned bridge in california and i was proud as part of the bay area delegation at this time along with our majority leader ellen who's here and along with the senator with assemblyman john and, of course, brian kelly our new head of california trance who was working with the senator. as a delegation we put together a bill that i was proud to be able to carry a b-144 that led to this beautiful bridge today. my thought then and annoy is that this bridge brings to my mi
to acknowledge the former mayor of san francisco willie brown who's here (clapping) >> it's not often you have clinton, cop in the same paragraph. they have the same initially a which stands for adorable. someone who you unfortunately saw in our list david and ron deducting men are here to represent their father. david and ron where you are? are they here. oh, their way in the back. wow. we shove gotten you guys better seats. alex had a rare combination of empathy and he was the quiet it. the bike path is named in his honor and we'll open it tomorrow in his memory. there are also on a lighter note four other folks who deserve a moment of recognition. their unstoppable advocates for the east span. they've plated different roles by all four confusing for the rest of us share the first name ryan. so without further ado the lives of ryan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so our first brian is brian patterson. he's the first one all in his glory (clapping) you know, brian was always the most nerve i didn't say guy on the job you think he would be worried about the steel but he was worried about our visits to the j
. the sox beat the st. louis cardinals last night, to take the title in six games. jeffrey brown will have more on the red sox's victory later in the program. also ahead on the "newshour": outrage over the n.s.a. tapping into servers for google and yahoo, plus spying on asia; dismantling syria's chemical weapons program; the recent wave of violence in iraq; senator susan collins on the future of the republican party and abraham lincoln's foreign policy. >> ifill: newly published information leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden is reinforcing the notion that u.s. spying spreads wide and goes deep. the latest bombshell, partly denied by the obama administration, appears in the "washington post." it says u.s. intelligence agencies have gained access to hundreds of millions of google and yahoo user accounts by secretly tapping into company data centers. late today, six top tech companies-- yahoo, google, aol, apple, microsoft and facebook-- sent a letter to congress, calling for enhanced privacy protections. barton gellman broke the story for "the washington post." welcome, bart gell
, but by far less: $4 billion over ten years. >> woodruff: jeffrey brown takes a closer look at the immediate impact of these changes and what may lie ahead. >> brown: we explore some of the changes on the table with ellen teller of the food research and action center, a not-for-profit that works with hundreds of groups around the country to eradicate hunger. and robert rector is with the heritage foundation. his work on this is considered influential with republican members in congress. welcome to both of you. ellen teller, this immediate action, cutting back assistance, allowing what was considered a temporary increase to lapse, you don't think this is a good idea? >> no, i don't. initially when congress was drafting the recovery act they put in place this boost in snap or food stamp allotments and it was never intended to affect a family by seeing a reduction from one month to the next but because of congressional interference today we are seeing a cliff so a family going in for grocery store today will see every snap household will see a reduction in their monthly benefits lower than what
. and they begin to put those improvements to the test against the browns. >> we've got a long ways to go. we haven't been operating the way we want to. but we're heading in the right direction. i think we're starting to create an identity and go after something. you know, just excited about doing that. >> reporter: the ravens beat the browns here in baltimore, in september. 11th straight time, they've beaten their division rivals. will they make it 12 in a row sunday? we ask our experts. >> ravens return to the bye week, hopefully refreshed as they look at the browns. ravens 20, browns 13. >> ravens reallyned a win. but a big one. they need to clobber these guys. i'm not thinking that's going to happen, though. i'm picking the ravens. >> comingufa the bye week, the ravens have the best record since 2012. in fact, under john harbaugh, they've never lost after the bye week. ravens win it, 17-13. >> ravens steal their halloween candy. bullies win again. ravens over the browns, 24-17. >> ravens' defense has been good, held the last two opponents to fewer than 20 points. still, the ravens lost both of
brown and congressman phil beginning rhee. brown the the quintessential tea party congressman and gingrey tried the to get to his right by taking to the house floor a few months ago to talk about the need to teach traditional gender roles in schools. there are three republican congressmen in this race in total and each one of them, all three of them, voted against reopening the government two weeks ago. you just can't be too conservative in a republican primary, it could have serious general election implications here, serious national implications as we watch this case unfold in georgia. a strong democratic candidate pitted against a really far-right republican candidate could make that seat a potential democratic pickup, especially when you consider the steady shift we've seen right now as georgia becomes less old and less white. a democrat in the race is michelle nunn, daughter of sam nunn, one of those backing nunn told bloomberg, the vast majority of americans say they don't want the government to shut down, they want middle ground. this is the dynamic that could reshape
. and they begin to put those improvements to the test against the browns. >> we've got a long way toss go. we haven't been operating the way we want to. but we're heading in the right direction. i think we're starting to create an identity and go after something. you know, just excited about doing that. >> reporter: the ravens beat the browns here in baltimore in september. 11th straight time, they've beaten their division rivals. will they make it 12 in a row sunday? we ask our experts. >> ravens return from the bye week, hopefully refreshed as they go from the cleveland and look at the browns. i'm looking at ravens, 20. browns, 13. >>> ravens really need a win. but a big one. they need to clobber these guys. i'm picking the ravens, though, 24-21. >>> coming off the bye week, the ravens have the best record in the nfl since 2002. in fact, under john harbaugh, they've never lost after the bye week. that won't change in cleveland this week. ranks win it, 17-13. >>> ravens steal their halloween candy. bullies make it again. ravens over the browns, 24-17. >>> the ravens have held their last two
the world. thank you, mayor brown for your push for a that iconic design the the idea of opening at night will see the splendor light. because we shouldn't just have a bridge we should have a symbol of resilience, of accomplishment of honor to all the men and women who participated in this and that's what we'll have for generations to come. navigate one thousand 5 hundred years to come. thank you very much willie brown for that. and what an incredible moment in history. that we have both mayors of san francisco and oakland being chinese-americans. we're linked to help build railroads with many of the chinese immigrants coming to san francisco to join in the immigration station just to reach our shores. this new bridge will not be just an engineer marvel but carrying 2 hundred and 80 thousand vehicles between san francisco and the east bay each day and hundreds of thousands of bicyclists at the same time. today marks the historic part of our region but it's a long ending of a long chapter after the 1989 earthquake. just 29 years ago it took 63 lives. and we were forced to with & an accepte
for a year. this is outrageous act. what do you think should happen to brown kids who shouted down ray kelly last night? did you see that? >> i didn't even know. >> police commissioner in new york city goes to brown, they shout him down, he can't even talk and he had to come back to new york city. i think those kids should be expelled, carolla and bussed into your neighborhood to get garbage candy. >> i agree. >> expelled and bust carolla's neighborhood. how about that for a punishment? >> listen, when you said what do you think about those brown kids who shouted out. >> no, brown university. >> oh my gosh we are going racial. i wish he went to yale or rice? >> no, brown is falling apart. adam carolla, everybody. factor tip of the day. the world series and terrorism. the tip moments away. of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more
that goal fox news. these terms of the brown bag and citizen ninety percent of americans of the cube expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch we had on a brown paper bag to work with themselves. let the court considered the land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race off anymore even remotely two listed races and needs to be banned between the giver of the warm blanket because the keys of native americans deceased or blankets to kill them on in the block to live with beans lead actor in that work to remember the separate drinking fountains segregated buses based on race in america. yeah so we can see those words anymore either or we might just possibly remember something at which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world and pleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people will compare the actual citizens legally kind of art. if you are afr
night. >>> the ravens will be in cleveland this weekend with the browns after their bye week. even though they have beaten the browns 11 straight times that doesn't mean sunday is going to be easy. earlier this season the browns came to town and had the ravens down before a close rally produced a ravens win. the ravens expect a closely contested game in cleveland this sunday. >>> don't forget you can see that game this sunday afternoon at 4:15 live right here on wjz 13. >> game takes on additive importance as the bengals lost in over time to the fish on a safety. bengals have the ball like on their five yard line, let's say. ball is snapped, the offensive line collapses, the dolphins get the quarterback in the end zone, safety. the bengals went down last night. that's a huge, huge victory for the ravens. we need to take care of the browns, then the bengals. it is what it is. starting to get real interestink s. real interesting. >>> let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we have got gar -- garden variety showers now. 72 degrees now. the high is going to be 74. we
to thank our volunteers former supervisor jim gonzales and former mayor willie brown. and christina and assistant district attorney. 20 years ago in san francisco with support of the mayor's office and the board of supervisors and the redevelopment agency we dedicated this land to be able to share this great land to be fully realized but us by 20 fourteen. and today with the hard work of many, many people over the last decades we have a dream. our future homes here at the justice department i jury the jewish museum to the right and the museum to my right the other museums and we have a center of the arts and to the west the filipino center and the san francisco museum. together we have per certified and this will soon be complete with the edition of the mexican museum. i hope i don't forget remember in weddings the only people that don't forget with are the people who didn't get viefltd. thank you to the many supporters throughout the years were a very special thanks to the many artists who's art is in the museum and to the teachers who bring their students interest also a special t
know, chris brown is under anger management. i believe that's a step in the right direction. what are your thoughts on chris brown? >> what is rehabbing? "re"means to do again and h"hab is the behavior. >> he used to be the double mint kid. >> what's the cause? just like if you're doing drugged or alcohol. if you don't get to the cause, it's going stay. >> wendy: how's your life? are you in love? >> how's my life? >> wendy: you're the one who tauts me it's okay to break up with girlfriends and that was 15 years ago. >> i'm blessed and honored to say i have a gorgeous loving supportive healthy beautiful black man. >> wendy: is he young? is he younger or older? >> same age but well fit. >> wendy: good, good. >> i keep him quiet because there's pieces and parts of my life not everyone needs to know. >> wendy: i appreciate you sharing that little piece of tidbit. and it's nice to see you again. >> thank you, miss wendy. >>> up next from master chef junior, the kid chef alexander weiss is here. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about yo
, having said that, on sunday at about 4:25 standard time the ravens are playing the browns up at the great north coast in cleveland. that frontal boundary already passed through cleveland. by the end of the game 36, 37 degrees with sunny skies and just a light breeze. we're all going to be dealing with fall this weekend, home and away. again, we go back to standard time before you go to bed tomorrow night. the long dark fall and winter is upon us. tim williams talks about a spring-like warm up. last coming your way in our first warning weather segment. >>> more than a dozen and former nfl my players, including ray lewis files a suit against a bank. >> reporter: the athletes are suing bbnt bank for nearly $60 million. the bank allowed a financial advising firm to open accounts in ray lewis's and 16 other nfl players named. it was deemed illegal under alabama law. the firm involved is now banned from the industry. lewis, a two time nfl defensive player of the year who retired in february said he lost nearly $4 million. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. according to the lawsuit, in ado
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to support assemblyman trust act which all of you has been signed by governor brown. thousands of our members of our limited english and immigrant community, in fact, all our commensurate's live in fear of did he portion and they've mistrusted the system. so this is a message i want to send by the signing of this ordinance and i'm speaking to our immigrant communities that's it's safe absolutely save to call the police if you're a victim or witness to a crime. everyone knows we need to stand against s come we also retain some local flexibility to deal with violent felons and while we compromised on that aspect of it and understood how complicated that was that perhaps we had points of view on we never lost sight of getting rid of s came. so we do what i think other government's should do we found the common ground and that's why i'm proud to be signing this ordinance. i'd like to take p the opportunity to invite supervisor avalos what it's meant to him but basing also to the rest of the city. thank you, mr. mayor. and i want to thank you for your work on this legislation. we met in early au
and you had a great halloween. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. a school bus plunges into a creek. 10 kids were on board at the time. the bus toppled into the water p and landed half submerged on its side. the children escapeed by climbing out of the bus windows and on to the roof. they stood on the roof of the bus until they were all rescued. >> when i first arrived at the scene the kids are on the bus actually hugging each other. the older kids were supporting the younger ones. i am very proud of the kids. we have great children and great parents in the district. >> he was pinned inside the bus. he was rescued safely. he is being treated for hypotherm hypothermia. one child was taken to the hospital. >> an airplane emergency landing in arizona after a threat. officials say the threat was made on board that plane but they aren't giving any specific details just yet. it was forced to land in phoenix. passengers were evacuated we will keep you posted as that develops. >> rainy weather is headed to the east coast after it left a real path of destruction in texas. more t
in the controversy that led to this dramatic confrontation at brown university. a and hannity next. >> they will argue one of the greatest policy disasters in the history of america. barack obama did not say if you like your policy you can keep your policy unless it's dangerous, cheap or crappie. he didn't say that. he said you can keep your policy period. and he said it over and over and over again. this is just the worst kind of damage control imaginable and it ain't working. i need some candy. ooh, house down the street has full-sized candy bars. adding it to our route. glad i decided to trade in our old phones. seriously, even the dog... wait, guys, we gotta stay away from 32 elm street. he's a dentist. he's giving out floss! weirdo. gettinnew treats. that's powerful.verizon. trade in your old phone towards a new one, like the samsung galaxy note 3 on america's most reliable network. life by the gills. go take a road trip to a place with no roads. go to bass pro shops for great deals like this redhead camo duffle bag for under $20. and a 30 quart aluminum turkey fryer for under
twist in the controversy that led to this dramatic confrontation at brown university. a and hannity next. >> they will argue one of the greatest policy disasters in the history of america. barack obama did not say if you like your policy you can keep your policy unless it's dangerous, cheap or crappie. he didn't say that. he said you can keep your policy period. period. and he said it over check it out. i can't believe your mom has a mom cave! today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. >>> a new twist in the controversy that led to a dr
been all appearing up on capitol hill. >> we turn now to former san francisco mayor willie brown and our very own phil matier. you know, guys, kathleen sebelius came out and said, i am responsible. but she essentially is taking the hit for the administration. >> she is taking more than the hit. she is taking the full fire squad right now. >> she volunteered. how about that? she walks in and says, hey, nobody else can do anything about it. it's my fault. >> how many times did she apologize? >> at least six times in the first minute. >> i know. she is going for the guinness book of world records. >> no question. >> is she being the fall guy? is she taking the dive for the entire administration? >> what do you mean taking a dive? that's not -- stop. obamacare, affordable care, technological problems associated with this has nothing to do with the quality of the care. >> when you have only two people signing up on day one and according to cbs news 248 by day 2, that is a miserable miserable showing. >> no, no, phil, not really. when you did not use the equipment that was available. i
substantial number of kids on a track brown where ware doing computer science to get the skills to go into the firms and no non-manufacturing companies and get good jobs. we decided we, you know, would send a sister-in-law that somehow the united states would generate the idea and produce all in china. in response other parts of the midwest large managing or merchandising companies and northeast ohio you saw philosophical in business and other global dynamics they're seeking substantially job growth are to the benefit of not just the kids of ph.d. from stanford or mit but a whole bunch of folks coming out of high schools and colleges with technical prosecutors. >> tests map silicon valley it's great with ideas they didn't get made in china but it's great if you're an engineer or not so great if you're a generate but mayor lee how this model stacks up in terms of the collaboration. >> this would be returning the stats all the time about 17 or 18 percent of the economy so sun valley is reilly coming off of intense managing. the cooler than in the united states is this the the facebook
willie brown and couped the mayor. i worked on the prestige of the san francisco project i helped in the lashgd process. i worked on the hampton building restoration and was the personal recipient of an american institute of nra for work on the building as well as a preservation award. my community efforts on behalf of the fostering and understanding civil rights and stopping hate crimes in the pink triangle on twin peaks and supervisor cowen has been to three of those events. in summer i have compassion on this building. i even designed this room including the heighten door each of you passed through and as well as all our offices and the reworking of the mayor's office and on the fourth floor. i feel my education and preservation experience and background related to city hall's restoration give me expertise and thank you firing consideration >> any questions? >> i can't think of a question but thank you for your service. >> any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, supervisors happy halloween to supervisor breed, yee and cowen. i'm here as the chair of the city hal
- the material on the packet is adequate for the noticing under the sunshine brown act. the additional material after the agenda packet goes out should be made available to the public when received or at the meeting >> okay and a as long as seven hundred is available the committee can review that that i. >> i must have missed it and i rely on what we have in the system and what the public has available oftentimes to obtain the information as well. so you would like to see it before we're able to make decisions. thank you >> i got it. >> thank you. >> i believe - the next person. ms. during rant i want some clarifications. do i have any contact with this person >> when board 3 was just the comtion was changed i contacted her because she previously applied for a seat and i didn't actually physically talked with her. he returned envy phone call and said she's interested. since that time i've tried k5k9d here on three or four different occasions to inquiry about her interest in board 3 because she filled out on a older application at that time. she's not returned my phone calls >> i don't kno
. the designation will be twlurtd a governor's award presented by governor jerry brown later this year and it's also one we were 2345i789d by san francisco heritage so thank you to heritage for putting our name in the hat by second of all thank you to the statute of limitations for recognizing our efforts in protecting lgbt history. i want to introduce you to our latest member of the department she's been hired as the new specialist for the yaunt. she's got own 10 years experience as program director in illinois she managed the endangered list and the chapter of the apa helped to coordinate the citizen technology convention. she's got recent experience with landmark designation. from her years as city staff and two local preservation commissions i'm happy to work with her again. alicia is coming to us from cambridge, massachusetts to please join me in welcoming alicia to san francisco. commissioners that conclusions any presentation >> i just want to mention and thank tim and the staff for the excellent job they did do at the african-american community forum. i tenant and also convincing if the pla
and that was already surging with governor brown's leadership but again the statistics with ron andcytes invited us to her house and we talked about that with friends. so rendering and i reviewed with the folks the statistics and we've gotten one big one was the improvements of our schools being the number one improvements last year in all of the public schools in california the rainy day fund in our school district was beginning to pay off. what's going on behind that and we discovered the big drop off in the middle schools that's where the truancy starts and the resources were very much lacking even though we had as a city the elementary schools and the high schools were getting some great attention and the college track who's here today we've partnered with them and their i they've been there and we're participating there see teachers of america were there and they really wanted to bust you up this effort but we saw the middle schools being the caljic so i asked for the names of all the school principles and i got that and we met with them and had the first real lunch and we talked. with that we
the tools they need and brown but folks we can do better. there are 40 reforms after this person was brutality taken away from us are we've begun for 40 months without a domestic homicide but in in evidence in north there was 8 thousand calls. that's how we feel about
that our district attorney's office has the tools they need and brown but folks we can do better. there are 40 reforms after this person was brutality taken away from us are we've begun for 40 months without a domestic homicide but in in evidence in north there was 8 thousand calls. that's how we feel about this. we know we can do better and all of us working collectively. the mayor had a proclamation he put in a beautiful glass box to showing some of our leaders we have a less budget but i have a proclamation proclaiming this month to be domestic violence month and i'd like to ask a woman who represents all of you two are survivors bevly upper ton could you please join me in accepting this (clapping) >> i want to thank you for your leadership and the board of supervisors for this recognition of domestic violence month but this year i want to honor the lewis with this proclamation domestic violence month is extra special because you're here with us so, please. all right. everyone look up center city hall. we'll close together with a beautiful song but before that i just wanted
us so, same time next week? well, of course. so you can't save money? it's easy as pie! brown bag your lunch instead of going out. six dollars saved timed 5 days a week times ten years is 21,000 bucks! that's a lotta lettuce. small changes today... big bucks tomorrow. feed the sfgtv transportation authority >> good morning. today is august 22 and welcome to the transportation authority. i'm john avalos, the chair of the transportation authority. our clerk of today will be vanessa and i want to thank sfgtv staff for broadcasting the meeting. that's charles and thank you for your service. madam clerk will you call the roll. >>
some folks and our closest and famous gentleman willie brown. i think it's important to recognize the receipt that debated this promise that many of you supported this project but many wanted to make sure this was going to be a benefit and, of course, our latino mexican-american community. thank you and congratulations to everyone involved >> (clapping) >> and next up please give a big round of applause for a brother from guatemala jim gonzales is from there we have two supervisors from there and one the supervisor campos and i'll try to be brief. i want to thank all of you for coming out on this beautiful day. it's important this is happening on mexican independence day and it's atkins the right time. i want to acknowledge our elected family and mayor thank you. i see our assistant district attorney johnson and, of course, our supervisor jane kim who's district is where this amazing institution is going to be located. i want to give a special acknowledgment to our carol consulate and unfortunately, we're going to be losing him but carol's thank you for your contributions to not
president obama's second term. with us is simon rosenberg. from new york, jay lefkowitz, and lara brown of george washington universities political management program. simon rosenberg, the president has a vision of what he wants, then he hits reality. how does president obama get on track to try to get back to smooth the main things that he wants to accomplish before this term runs out? >> in the short term obamacare and the implementation of obamacare simply has to get better. this could be an enormous millstone around his neck. there is a lot of work that has to get done. i'm optimistic that they can get it done. we still have enormous issues around the budget, around the economy not producing enough jobs and increasing wages. i think the president will have to pivot back to the middle east. i think if these three big ones can continue to show improvement, i think he'll have a strong second term. i don't know that we'll see him be diminished in the public eye. >> how do you take control? >> well, i think this is wit onf those issues that the only thing that will make this better is co
that is often surrounded by a gourd resonator. (brown) in africa, there is no word for chord, and there is no word for harmony, but there are chords in african music, and there is harmony in african music. for example, in zimbabwean mbira music, the chords will consist of two notes being sounded simultaneously that are a fourth or a fifth or an octave apart, and that's what the harmony is built on. now, that song consists of a series of two note chords that are being sounded in sequence so there's a chord progression. there are two phrases. here's the first phrase. here's the second phrase. so the whole song consists of two phrases-- each of which has three chords. now, that's the basic framework. i want to elaborate on it, so i'm going to take some notes out of the chords, play them independently of each other, and develop a more interesting melody. so here we go. [plays mbira music] the chord progressions in mbira music are very much like the chord progressions in jazz or the chord progressions in bach. they are the underlying framework. in a jazz context, you improvise ove
jerry brown and the testimonials of the students who grew up in low income families but really were invited in heavily by the schools. i want to congratulate them on that event >> i wanted to tell the city public i had an opportunity to attend an event at the north theatre. it was quite a pleasure to be in the theatre and we own that building. i went to here michelle speak on the new jim crow i believe everyone should pick up a copy. i was decree expressed and glad to see it being put to use now >> i just wanted to thank you. yeah. (laughter) but only with me >> i just wanted to welcome dr. author tyler to city college he's the newly appointed city college chancellor he's going to be a close partner of ourselves from city college and we're looking forward to working closely with him. >> thank you. okay. we will now move on to item t the closed session action for the meeting the board of education approved the contract for one intifrm principle and one administrator. the board of education approved a minor modification of the schools contract with distribution to redraft the con
about a wedding based on tim burton's films? misty brown said she wanted something quirky and fun and had handmade movie memorabilia on them, costumes from some of the characters, things like beetle juice, alice in wonderland and the nightmare before christmas and the most intricate item, embroidered fabric and bead brocades. >> very frenchy. you're thinking more comic book theme? >> that might be a star trek them. >> how about the washington justice? >> its captain of the team would be? captain justice. >> that's all for 9 news at 6:00. stay with us for cbs evening news which is next and we'll be back obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad for me, family is everything- as attorney general, i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families, and
by brown university researchers-- although really it's none of our business what color they were-- couples were 75% more likely to become divorced if a friend is divorced and 33% more likely to divorce if a friend of a friend ends his or her marriage. and i'm not surprised. i have never trusted friends of a friend. i mean, i'm my friend's friend. who are these other people? (laughter) researchers say divorce can spread like an epidemic through a social network like a rumor affecting friends up to two degrees removed! that's right! divorce can spread like crabs at theater camp! which is why i have always said divorce should be illegal. once a couple starts hanging out with nancy who's got a new lease of life, looks amazing and is spending thanksgiving in turks and caicos how can you possibly be satisfied with your spouse who is spending thanksgiving with you? (laughter) so, folks, protect yourself. stay out of places where those infected with divorce off congregate: the frozen food aisle, dog runs, miata dealerships, or traveling through thailand because (bleep) it. (laughter and applause)
that. light brown, i would say brown hair, thin. not heavyset at all, young. late 20s. >> did he seem calm and collected or did he seem a bit out of control and perhaps? >> no, he was calm, he was walking slowly. he must have felt that he had -- he was in control because he had his weapon and you know, nobody else did at that time. i was cowering in a corner when he confronted me. so you know, by the grace of god, you know, i would have been one of the fatalities. >> and he asked you if you were tsa. it seems -- >> all he said, all he said was tsa? like that. >> wow. >> i'm wearing my normal street clothes, you know, so -- you can see i didn't have a uniform. >> he was walking, not running. >> he was walking. >> did you hear the gunshots? >> yes, absolutely. i heard gunshots at the beginning of the event. and then as i was picking up my stuff, you know, more, more gunshots. >> and did you see any direct police sponsor response by other authorities interacting with him at any point? >> there was tsa agent next to me running also and he went and hid in a store. i didn't see them engage
off their bye week. watch the game against the browns on wjz 13. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. we'll take you inside a drug tunnel, equipped with its own rail system. >>> insisting on his innocence. the latest legal moves by convicted sex abuser jerry sandusky. >>> and we will keep you updated on the breaking news. a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. complete coverage continues complete coverage continues with denise and vic after this., for intelligent life. for a greater purpose. for our elusive soul mate. it's a journey enriched by the people we know and the things we share. shouldn't our searching online be the same? we think so. you see, while you've been busy creating social networks, we've been hard at work - expanding search to include social media. only at bing do you see what the web knows, what we know, and now, what your friends and the world of social media are creating moment by moment. all there. all in one search. it's a whole new world giving you everything you've been searching for. expand your search and see what you've been missi
costume. appreciate it. [laughter] chris brown may be saved from prosecution by the united states secret service. the secret service thinking oh, god, if we only would have protected kennedy like this. >> the ones on jfk dropped the ball so they had to make it up. >> mystery man. [laughter] >> kim kardashian was on "the jay leno show. they were talking about all of the negative tabloid publicity she got about getting fat during the pregnancy. >> really hurt my soul. >> stopped eat -- stop
on this computer. >> like this brown act or bigger found at night and pennsylvania in the front seat a shattered metro pc asphalt and a pocket knife. >> the ignition has clearly been punished probably with this. the car had been partially stripped of its radio and something else. so the batteries gone. >> but listen to this a lot of the time you will find the rog door openers in the car if this still has one and all the registration has its home address on it so they take the grind door opener and in your home address then they go to your house and breaking it what you are it worked. >> what does that sound so familiar? all but read the equipped with theft deterrent system. >> there are over 1300 thousand vehicles on the road right this minute that are wanted by law- enforcement statewide. sometimes this was the events on the cars to get to make sure the bin matches the car. >> will we saw some disguise and warmer temperatures this afternoon back in the '70s just like we expected. >> it is in the low to mid '70's in the inland valleys. -74 in san mateo and '70s to the north bay. >> it is more th
'll talk more to meteorologist mike about your weekend coming up. >>> governor brown will he at the site of the old oakland army base today, joining city, business and community leaders for a ground breaking of the planned oakland global trade and logistics center. under the $1.2 billion project the army base will become a hub for transporting cargo in and out of the area more efficiently. the project will reduce truck traffic, emissions and wear and tear on the state's roads and highways. >> the chc is taking the extraordinary step of warning driving of a potential traffic jam four days before it happens. it's because of the opening next tuesday of the great resort and casino in roanoke park. it's assisted the opening will bring an extra 10,000 cars to highway 101. authorities suggest drivers get familiar with ultimate routes and be prepared to sit in traffic headed to the casino. >>> if your kids collected too much halloween candy last night, they can get some money for it and it's all for a good cause. bay area dentists are offering to buy back that candy. the goodies collected will b
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